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Webkey Analytics™ - Web key tracking software for webkeys.℠


USB Web Key Analytics Tracking Software

Web Key Tracking Software for web keys℠ bridges the differences between traditional print marketing and the internet like nothing else. But to fully exploit this cutting- edge technology, you need Web key Analytics™.

webkey analytics tracking software

Web Key Analytics In-Depth

  • Multi-Channel Targeting: Understand unique users who plug in a Web Key, scan a QR code or tap an NFC tag.
  • Dashboard shows total Web Key plugins for the duration of a campaign.
  • See total Web Keys distributed.
  • Campaign drop-down list makes it easy to focus on specific campaigns or all campaigns.
  • Date range helps narrow data focus and improve your understanding of a campaign’s effectiveness.
  • Go Button executes the campaign(s) and date range selected.
  • Menu Items allow for quick, intuitive and powerful access to all data.
  • Interactive World GeoMap is a real-time portal into all Web Key activity.
  • Interactive Map Analytics means you can roll your mouse over any bar/line graph and view Web Key Counts instantly. Click and you’ll dynamically update the GeoMap and correlated data in table.
  • Top 5 Campaigns in multi-view.
  • Top 5 States in multi-view. Keeps you focused on what’s working and where it’s working.
  • Week In Review Focus your follow-up campaigns based on this data.
  • By The Hour gives detailed temporal data to help you time follow-up online marketing efforts to maximize their effectiveness. No e-mail campaigns should be without this data.

Google GeoMap Features

  • Autocoded Cluster Targeting. View Web Key plugins interactively by Campaign, Top 5 States, Week in Review, and By The Hour in the Interactive GEOMap and in the web key Plugins/Users table.
  • Plugin History Table / View Details. Web Key history with more detailed web key user demographics.
  • Dynamic Search lets you search by state, city, country, Web Key number, and campaign name, displaying results as you type. Plug-ins/Users Table.

dynamic webkey search

Reporting Features

  • Interactive Click ‘n’ View Geomap Reporting.
  • Custom Data Export. Customize what data you want exported to a spread- sheet.


Additional Features (some additional costs)

  • Name List Manager is a plug-in that allows you to know the exact name of the person using a Web Key and when and where that person used it. When Dr. Smith plugs in, you’ll know it!
  • iLoop Module keeps users coming back by changing the URL, and any associated promotions, each time the user plugs in the Web Key.
  • IMRewards drives customers to your business by offering contests.
  • Reprogrammable URLs means you can change the URL anytime.
  • Opt-In Landing Pages direct users to opt-in and register to download a white paper or view a privileged area. Great way to get valuable user-specific data! specific customer information when a customer plugs in. Great for sales!
  • Encrypt URLs so that only someone with a Web Key can access a specific page. Very secure!
  • E-mail Followups can be automated.
  • Real-Time E-mail Opt-In Alerts mean you can hand out a Web Key business card and get specific customer information when a customer plugs in. Great for sales!
  • Learn more about Web Key Analytics to improve the ROI on all your Web Key marketing campaigns and call today for a demonstration!


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